Intermolecular Forces of Attraction in Liquids

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Why do surface molecules experience a net force attracting them towards the interior of a fluid?

Due to unbalanced forces resulting from lack of neighboring molecules above

How does surface tension affect small objects or insects placed on water?

It creates a thin film on which they can rest

What two types of forces are essential in explaining capillary action?

Adhesion and cohesion

Why do liquids with stronger intermolecular forces have higher viscosity?

They have molecules that cannot easily slide past each other.

How does temperature affect viscosity in liquids?

Viscosity decreases as temperature increases.

In the context of surface tension, what role do cohesive and adhesive forces play?

Cohesive forces keep liquid molecules together at the surface.

What property of liquids is demonstrated in the magic trick described in the text?

Surface tension

Which property of liquids is associated with the phenomenon of capillary action?


In terms of intermolecular forces, which property is most affected by the attraction between liquid molecules at the surface?

Surface tension

Which property of liquids is responsible for the resistance to flow observed in fluids like honey or syrup?


Explore the concept of intermolecular forces in liquids and how they influence the shape and properties of fluids. Learn why liquids tend to minimize their surface area by forming shapes like spheres. This quiz covers topics from Unit 1: Intermolecular Forces of Attraction and Solids and Liquids.

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