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What are the different scopes of environmental studies?

The different scopes of environmental studies include natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Natural sciences focus on the physical and biological aspects of the environment, social sciences examine the human interactions with the environment, and humanities explore the ethical and aesthetic dimensions of environmental issues.

How do natural sciences contribute to environmental studies?

Natural sciences contribute to environmental studies by providing insights into the physical and biological aspects of the environment, including ecosystems, biodiversity, and ecological processes. This knowledge is essential for understanding environmental issues and developing conservation and management strategies.

Why is it important to incorporate social sciences and humanities into environmental studies?

Incorporating social sciences and humanities into environmental studies is important because it helps understand the human dimensions of environmental issues, including the cultural, political, and economic factors that influence environmental degradation and conservation. It also addresses ethical and aesthetic considerations related to environmental protection and sustainability.

Explore the various scopes of environmental studies and the contributions of natural sciences in this quiz. Understand the significance of integrating social sciences and humanities into environmental studies. Test your knowledge on this interdisciplinary subject and gain insights into the holistic approach to environmental issues.

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