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What is the objective of the course?

The objective of the course is to enable students to understand concepts of inter-disciplinary art culture in various fields and attain knowledge of art as a multi-disciplinary form.

How many modules are there in the course?

There are four modules in the course.

How many lectures are there per semester?

There are 45 lectures per semester.

What is the topic of Module I?

The topic of Module I is Introduction to interdisciplinary art practice.

What is the weightage of Module III?

The weightage of Module III is 25%.

What is the focus of the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC)?

The focus of the CAC is on new developments in painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, performance art, and new media.

Who were the founders of the Contemporary Arts Center?

The founders of the CAC were Betty Pollak Rauh, Peggy Frank Crawford, and Rita Rentschler Cushman.

Who offered early advice and encouragement to the Contemporary Arts Center?

Edward M.M. Warburg and Alfred H. Barr offered early advice and encouragement to the CAC.

When did the CAC move to a new building?

The CAC moved to a new building in 2003.

Which famous artist had their works displayed at the CAC early in their career?

Andy Warhol had his works displayed at the CAC early in his career.

Study Notes

Course Overview

  • Objective of the course not specified

Course Structure

  • The course consists of multiple modules
  • Number of modules not specified
  • Number of lectures per semester not specified

Module I

  • Topic not specified

Module III

  • Weightage: not specified

Contemporary Arts Center (CAC)

  • Focus: not specified
  • Founders: not specified
  • Early advice and encouragement: not specified
  • Moved to a new building: year not specified
  • Featured works by famous artist early in their career: artist not specified

Test your knowledge of inter-disciplinary art culture in this quiz designed for students of the Faculty of Performing Arts. Explore the concepts and understand the multi-disciplinary nature of art across various fields. The quiz covers the course objectives and is divided into four modules, each carrying a weightage of 25%.

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