Intellectual Property Rights: Copyright and Geographical Indications

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What is the primary purpose of intellectual property rights?

To provide an incentive to individuals for new creations

What is the main characteristic of industrial property?

Intangible and related to industrial design

What is the duration of exclusive rights granted to an individual over their creation?

Definite period

What is the main difference between a patent and a geographical indication?

A patent is related to a technical solution, while a geographical indication is related to a geographical location

What is the primary function of a trademark?

To identify a visual symbol

What is the primary purpose of copyright law?

To prevent others from using one's creation

What is the primary characteristic of an industrial design?

It is an external feature appealing to the eye

What is the primary difference between a patent and a copyright?

A patent is related to a technical solution, while a copyright is related to an original literary or artistic work

What is the primary benefit of intellectual property rights?

It provides a material reward for intellectual property

What is the primary purpose of geographical indications?

To identify the origin of a product or service

Test your knowledge on Intellectual Property Rights, specifically on copyright and geographical indications. Learn how copyright protects the creator's work and how geographical indications safeguard traditional skills and knowledge.

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