Intellectual Property and Copyright

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What type of intellectual property grants the creator of an invention the exclusive right to produce and sell that invention?


What is the term used to describe the violation of a copyright?


What is the purpose of Fair Use in copyright law?

To provide a limitation to copyright law

What is plagiarism?

The act of copying or closely imitating the work of another author without permission

What type of works are protected by copyright?

Literary, artistic, musical, dramatic, and pictorial works

What is fair use in the context of copyright law?

A limited and transformative use of copyrighted material

What is the primary purpose of Creative Commons licenses?

To expand the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally

What is netiquette?

A set of rules for online communication

What is an important aspect of netiquette?

Being courteous and precise

What is NOT a characteristic of fair use?

Seeking permission from the copyright owner

Test your knowledge of intellectual property, including creations of the mind, literary and artistic works, and copyright laws. Learn about the rights of creators and the consequences of copyright infringement.

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