Integumentary System: Skin and Appendages

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Which muscle is considered the largest in the human body?

Gluteus maximus

What is the main function of the skeletal system?

Support the body

Which pigment protects the skin from UV radiation?


What is the function of ligaments in the body?

Connect bone to bone

What type of movement is defined as bending a joint to decrease the angle between two body parts?


Where are tendons found in the human body?

Attach muscle to bone

What is the main function of the integumentary system?


Which layer of the skin consists of collagen and elastin fibers?


What is the main function of hair in the human body?


Which property allows muscles to be stretched without damage by the application of force?


Where are sebaceous glands located?

Sebaceous Glands

Which system is made up of over 600 muscles in the human body?

Muscular System

Learn about the functions and layers of the skin, the largest organ in the human body, as well as its protective, sensory, and regulatory roles. Explore the importance of the integumentary system in maintaining overall health.

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