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Which of the following is NOT a function of hair/fur?


Which type of gland is responsible for producing sebum?

Sebaceous gland

Where are sweat glands typically found in most domestic species?

Foot pads and deep layers of fat

What is the function of tail glands in dogs and cats?


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of claws and hooves?

For catching prey

What is the primary difference between horns and antlers?

Horns are epidermal origin, antlers are dermal bone

What is the function of anal sacs?


Which phase of the hair growth cycle is the resting phase?

Telogen phase

What is the composition of sebum?

Glycerides and free fatty acids

What is the function of cutaneous pouches in sheep?


Which layer of the skin is primarily composed of dead cells?

Stratum corneum

What is the function of keratinization?

To protect the skin's surface

Which cells produce melanin, a dark brown-black pigment?


Which layer of the epidermis is responsible for keratinization?

Stratum granulosum

What is the largest part of the skin that provides structural strength?


Which layer of the dermis is just beneath the epidermis?

Papillary layer

What type of tissue is the reticular layer of the dermis composed of?

Fibroelastic connective tissue

Which special feature of the integument is composed of all five epidermal layers?

Foot pads

What is the top of the nose called in dogs, cats, pigs, sheep, and goats?

Nasal planum

What are the dark brown, horny patches on the legs of horses and other equid species called?


Test your knowledge on the integumentary system and its related structures. Learn about the functions of the skin, layers of the epidermis, process of keratinization, dermal structures, hypodermis, foot pads, and nasal planum.

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