Installing Domain Controllers and Active Directory Domain Services

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What is the primary function of a directory service like AD DS?

To enable administrators to organize network resources

What is the term for verifying a user's identity?


What type of object can have other objects subordinate to it?

Container object

What is the term for granting a user access to the resources they are permitted to use?


What is the term for a group of separate domain trees?


What is the protocol used for communication in directory services?


What is the process of synchronizing database information between domain controllers called?


What type of domain controller only supports incoming replication traffic?

Read-Only Domain Controller

Study Notes

Directory Service

  • A directory service is a repository of information about resources connected to a network, including hardware, software, and human resources.

Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)

  • AD DS is a directory service that enables administrators to create organizational divisions called domains.
  • A domain is a logical container of network components, hosted by at least one server designated as a domain controller.
  • Authentication is the process of verifying a user's identity.
  • Authorization is the process of granting access to resources based on user permissions.

Objects in AD DS

  • Container objects can have other objects subordinate to them, such as:
    • Domains
    • Organizational units (OUs)
  • Leaf objects cannot have subordinate objects, such as:
    • Users
    • Computers
    • Groups
    • Applications
    • Network resources

Organizational Units (OUs)

  • OUs are container objects within a domain, used to divide security and administrative responsibility among several divisions or departments.

Domain Trees and Forests

  • A domain tree is created when the first domain is created on an Active Directory network.
  • A forest consists of one or more separate domain trees.
  • Each forest has a global catalog, which is a list of all objects in the forest, along with a subset of each object's attributes.

Functional Levels and LDAP

  • Functional levels are designed to provide backwards compatibility in AD DS installations with domain controllers running various versions of the Windows Server operating system.
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is the standard communications protocol for directory service products.


  • Replication is when domain controllers within a domain synchronize their database information.
  • Types of replication:
    • Single-master replication
    • Multiple-master replication
  • Read-Only Domain Controllers (RODCs) support only incoming replication traffic.

Learn about directory services, Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), and the process of installing domain controllers. Understand the role of domain controllers and authentication in a network.

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