Inserting, Uploading, and Sharing Images over the Internet - Grade 12 Empowerment Technologies

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Which subject area is Joselito E. Calios responsible for as an Education Program Supervisor?


Who is the Education Program Supervisor for LRMS/ADM?

Wilma Q. Del Rosario

Which subject area is Ma. Teresita E. Herrera responsible for as an Education Program Supervisor?

Filipino/GAS/Piling Larang

What is the main purpose of photo sharing websites?

To create online photo albums

Which website was developed by Yahoo's photo sharing idea?

Where can you find the UPLOAD button on

Top right corner

What is the first step to start using according to the text?

What is required to verify when creating an account on

Email address

What can you add or edit after uploading a photo on

Add tags, people, and description

What are the 5 Cs of 21st century skills mentioned in the text?

Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Character

What part of the module provides helpful tips or strategies for teachers?

Notes to the Teacher

What is the main purpose of the Empowerment Technologies Self-Learning Module?

To provide fun and meaningful learning opportunities

As a facilitator, what is one of your responsibilities according to the text?

To keep track of learners' progress

Which part of the module measures learners' prior knowledge about the lesson?


What will learners be enabled to do by engaging with the learning material according to the text?

Process the contents while being an active learner

What is the correct unscrambled word for 'OOUKCEPTTHB'?


Which of the following is the unscrambled word for 'AICAPS'?


Unscramble the letters 'SITERPNET' to get the correct word.


What is the unscrambled word for 'KICFRL'?


Unscramble the letters 'IAKSHMCGAE' to get the correct word.


Which of these is NOT mentioned as a reference in the text?


What does the Republic Act 8293, Section 176 state regarding copyright on works of the Philippine government?

No copyright shall subsist in any work of the Government of the Philippines.

What condition is mentioned regarding the exploitation of government works for profit?

Prior approval from the government agency or office that created the work is necessary.

What is mentioned regarding borrowed materials included in this module?

Borrowed materials are owned by their respective copyright holders.

What does the text say about the efforts made regarding the use of borrowed materials?

Every effort has been exerted to locate and seek permission to use borrowed materials.

What does the text say about the ownership claims made by the publisher and authors?

The publisher and authors do not represent nor claim ownership over borrowed materials.

Who are the members of the Management Team mentioned in the text?

Ma. Evalou Concepcion A. Agustin, Aurelio G. Alfonso, and Dr. Manuel A.

Study Notes

Module 12: Inserting, Uploading, and Sharing of Images over the Internet

  • This module is designed for Grade 12 students to learn about inserting, uploading, and sharing images over the internet.
  • The module aims to engage learners in guided and independent learning activities at their own pace and time.

Photo Sharing Websites

  • Popular photo sharing websites include:
    • Picasa
    • Pinterest

  • Flickr is a photo sharing website developed by Yahoo.
  • It is one of the oldest photo sharing domains on the web.
  • Steps to upload and share photos using
    • Create an account by signing up on the website.
    • Fill up the necessary information and verify your email address.
    • Upload your photo by clicking the UPLOAD button.
    • Add or edit the title, description, tags, people, albums, or groups.

Learning Objectives

  • The module aims to help learners acquire the needed 21st-century skills, including:
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Creativity
    • Critical Thinking
    • Character

Notes to the Teacher

  • The teacher is expected to:
    • Orient learners on how to use the module.
    • Keep track of learners' progress.
    • Encourage and assist learners as they do the tasks included in the module.

Module Contents

  • The module includes:
    • Expectations
    • Pretest
    • Posttest
    • Key to Correction

This quiz covers Module 12 of the Grade 12 Empowerment Technologies course, focusing on inserting, uploading, and sharing images over the Internet. It also touches upon Republic Act 8293, Section 176 related to copyright of government works in the Philippines.

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