Influence of Fashion and Textile Industry

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Match the following with their influence on the UK's fashion industry:

Soft Power = Indirect influence Fashion Festivals = Vital showcase for industry and talent International Students = Highly international student body Textile and Fashion Exports = Valued at over £6.5 billion

Match the following with their significance to the UK's fashion industry:

London Fashion Week = Recognized as one of the 'big four' international fashion festivals Fashion Industry Value = Worth £26 billion & 800,000 jobs to the economy British Fashion Council’s Decision = Positioning London as a center of new, young, and multicultural talent Fashion Business Exports = Majority of British fashion businesses export to other countries

Match the following with their role in defining the UK's fashion industry:

Suits or Uniforms = People dressed in these are more likely to be trusted and obeyed Education Sector = Highly international student body London Fashion Week = Influential and vital showcase for industry and talent Traditional and Established Brands = Focus often seen in New York, Paris, and Milan

Match the following with their contribution to the UK's fashion industry:

Soft Power Benefits = Indirect influence with international students enrollment Economic Value = Valued at over £6.5 billion from textile and fashion exports London Fashion Week = Recognized as one of the 'big four' international fashion festivals International Students Enrollment = Estimated 1,500 international students enrolling in British fashion courses every year

Match the following designers with their fashion focus:

Indonesian designers = Modest-wear Dior = Modern French fashion Armani = Italian style Beau Brummell = Influential style icon

Match the following historical figures with their influence on fashion:

Charles II = Ordered new fashion for suit jackets King George IV = Influenced by Beau Brummell's style Peng Liyuan = Attracts attention for fashion sense Saville Row = Linked to high fashion in London

Match the following locations with their fashion influence:

London = Center catering for luxury Muslim fashion market Italy = Reinforced image as a center of style USA = Known for popularizing jeans worldwide Japan = Word for suit linked to UK influence

Match the following concepts with their connection to fashion:

Soft power effects = Spread of French and Italian fashion ideas Industrial Revolution = Democratizing fashion and spreading UK influence Fashion and politics = Closely related in China and the Cold War Economic benefit = Projected through fashion and soft power

Match the following statements with their relation to fashion history:

The suit jacket's origins = Ordered to lessen French influence on Britain Fashion's democratization = Part-driven by the demand for fabrics during Industrial Revolution The word 'sebiro' = Corruption of Saville Row, London's high fashion street Fashion's enduring influence = Natural and long-lasting through clothing and accessories

Study Notes

Designer Influence on UK Fashion

  • Match designers with their fashion focus, highlighting their unique styles and contributions to the industry
  • Identify historical figures and their influence on UK fashion, recognizing their impact on style and trends
  • Recognize key concepts and their connection to fashion, such as cultural and social movements

UK Fashion Industry Factors

  • Identify locations with significant fashion influence, understanding how they've shaped UK fashion
  • Analyze statements relating to fashion history, recognizing pivotal moments and their impact on the industry
  • Understand the role of designers in defining the UK's fashion industry, highlighting their contributions and innovations

Explore the impact of fashion as a tool of influence and the economic significance of the UK's fashion industry. Learn about the direct and indirect influence of fashion and the contribution of textile and fashion exports to the economy.

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