Indirect Injuries of Insects to Plants

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What is the shape of the gizzard?


What is the gizzard connected to with its broad base?

The crop

What type of organ is the gizzard?


What is unique about the walls of the gizzard?

They are thick

What is the location of the gizzard in relation to the crop?

Joined to the crop

Study Notes

Indirect Injuries of Insects

  • Indirect injuries of insects are categorized into three groups based on the target of the insect attack.

Structure of Insects

  • The crop is a wide, thin-walled, pyriform sac that extends along the thoracic region.
  • The broad base of the crop ends in the first abdominal segment where it joins the gizzard.

The Gizzard

  • The gizzard (proventriculus) is a small, conical, thick-walled organ.
  • The gizzard joins the crop with its broad base.

This quiz covers the indirect harm caused by insects to growing plants, categorizing the impact into three groups.

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