Indian Locomotive Class WAG-9

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What does the model name WAG-9 stand for?

Broad gauge, AC Current, Goods traffic, 9th generation

What is the purpose of the WAP-7 locomotive?

To pull lighter loads at higher speeds

Where were the WAG-9 locomotives built?

Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, Banaras Locomotive Works, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

What is the significance of the WAG-9 locomotive to the Indian Railways?

It serves freight trains for over 27 years

What percentage of freight haulage of Indian Railways takes place on the electrified section of the Golden Quadrilateral and diagonals?


Which type of current flows if the circuit is complete?

Direct current

What is the rate of flow of charges known as?


Which of the following symbols is used to represent the source of current in circuit diagrams?


When does a current flow in a circuit according to the text?

In a closed circuit

What must be present for current to flow?

Complete circuit

What was the original name of the institution established in 1847 by Scottish Christian missionaries?

Scottish Female Orphanage

In which year were the Scottish Female Orphanage and the Orphanage for the Sons of Presbyterians merged?


What is the medium of instruction at the Bombay Scottish School, Mahim?


Which examinations are conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations for class 10 and class 12 students?


Where is the Bombay Scottish School, Powai located in relation to the institution at Mahim West?


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Test your knowledge about the Indian locomotive class WAG-9, a 25 kV AC electric locomotive developed by ABB for Indian Railways in 1995. Learn about its features, production, and service history.

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