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What was the literal meaning of the term 'sarvajanik' in 'Poona Sarvajanik Sabha'?

Of or for all the people

What was one key feature of the nationalist movement as described in the text?

Sovereignty of the people

What intensified dissatisfaction with British rule in the 1870s and 1880s?

Arms Act disallowing Indians from possessing arms

What event deepened the desire for an all-India organisation of educated Indians according to the text?

Controversy around the Ilbert Bill

Who was a retired British official that played a part in bringing Indians from various regions together?

A.O. Hume

What highlighted the racial attitudes of the British in India according to the text?

Introduction of the Ilbert Bill

What crucial question did the people start asking as a result of the developments mentioned in the text?

What is the purpose of India and who does it belong to?

Which of the following was NOT a part of the factors that led to discontent among Indians towards British rule according to the text?

Improvement in the condition of women

Who did Indians gradually realize that India was meant for, according to the text?

All people irrespective of class, color, caste, creed, language, or gender

What crucial awareness did Indians develop according to the information provided in the text?

British control over resources and lives needed to end for India to be truly for Indians

Which factor directly contributed to the emerging consciousness about Indian ownership and control, as mentioned in the text?

The revolt of 1857 and its aftermath

What was a key focus area for political associations formed after 1850 as highlighted in the text?

Asserting Indian control over resources and lives from British rule

Test your knowledge on the British conquest of territories, introduction of new laws, changes in peasant and tribal lives, educational reforms, debates on women's condition, challenges to the caste system, social and religious reforms, the revolt of 1857, and the decline of crafts in India.

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