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Which temples did the author visit in Kathmandu?

Pashupatinath temple and Baudhnath stupa

What does 'All this' refer to in the context?

Eating marzipan, roasted corn, and reading comics

How does Vikram Seth describe the poles of a flute seller?

As resembling quills of a porcupine

Which types of flutes are mentioned by the author?

Reed neh, Japanese shakuhachi, Hindustani bansuri, South American flutes, and Chinese flutes

Study Notes

Author's Journey in Kathmandu

  • The author visits various temples in Kathmandu.

Contextual References

  • 'All this' refers to the author's experience in Kathmandu, encompassing his temple visits and observations.

The Flute Seller

  • Vikram Seth describes the poles of a flute seller as being adorned with flutes of various sizes and types.

Types of Flutes

  • The author mentions the presence of two types of flutes: long, tapered flutes and short, stout flutes.

Test your knowledge of Indian English literature with questions about temples in Kathmandu, Vikram Seth's comparisons, and more.

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