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What percentage of the country's population derived their livelihood directly or indirectly from agriculture?


Who made significant contributions in the attempts to measure the national and per capita income of India?

V.K.R.V Rao and Dadabhai Naoroji

What was the condition of the Indian economy before the arrival of British rule?


What was the impact of British policies on the Indian economy?

Transformed India into a supplier of raw materials

How did colonial policies affect the Indian economy?

Transformed India into a consumer of finished goods from Britain

Who dominated the Indian economy for over a period of 200 years?


What was one of the reasons for the stagnation of the agricultural sector during the British rule?

Low level of productivity and high vulnerability to climatic factors

What impact did the zamindari system have on the agricultural sector?

Zamindars were recognized as permanent owners of the soil, leading to social tension among cultivators

What effect did commercialization of agriculture have on Indian farmers?

Shift from cultivation for self-consumption to cultivation for sale in the market, leading to production of cash crops for British industries

What was the main interest of the zamindars in the agricultural sector?

Rent collection regardless of the economic conditions of cultivators

Why did the lack of surplus income among tillers contribute to lower agricultural productivity?

It hindered the ability to provide resources needed in agriculture such as fertilizers and irrigation facilities

Why did the British policy lead to the decay of handicraft industry in India?

By creating circumstances conducive to the decay of handicraft industry

What was the impact of poor rainfall on agricultural output during the British rule?

It led to a low level of output and crop failures

What was one of the reasons for the vulnerability of agriculture during the British rule?

Agriculture was vulnerable to climatic factors and mostly affected by erratic rainfall

What impact did commercialization of agriculture have on the type of crops produced by Indian farmers?

Shift from producing food crops to cash crops for sale in the market

Why did lack of resources hinder agricultural productivity during British rule?

Tillers had to pay huge amount of rent, leaving them with no surplus for resources needed in agriculture

Test your knowledge on the state of the Indian economy on the eve of independence. Explore topics such as national and per capita income, economic growth under colonial rule, and the contributions of VKRV Rao and Dadabhai Naoroji.

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