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What was the percentage growth rate for the Indian economy in the second advance estimate of the full-year growth for 2023-24?

7.6 percent

What is the definition of 'one basis point' in terms of percentage points?

One hundredth of a percentage point

What are the primary risks to India's growth?

Global financial market instability

What is the reason cited in the text for the decline in the share of private consumption expenditure in the GDP in 2023-24?

'More evenly distributed' demand growth

What is the expected reason for the rebound in agricultural sector value added in FY25 according to Nageswaran?

'Quite good' rabi sowing and withdrawal of El Nino

Which statement best describes the trend in agricultural sector growth according to the latest data?

'Somewhat lacklustre' growth

What is the main point made by V Anantha Nageswaran regarding India's GDP growth rate?

It should prompt international organizations to revise their estimates upwards.

Why does Nageswaran mention physical infrastructure, digital infrastructure, and the inclusion agenda in his comments?

To showcase the factors contributing to India's economic growth.

What impacted India's GDP growth rate in the final quarter of 2023 according to the text?

Significantly higher than expected GDP growth.

Why do economists expect international agencies to reconsider their estimates of India's potential GDP growth rate?

As India's GDP growth consistently meets or exceeds expectations.

What was the expectation regarding India's GDP growth for October-December 2023 according to the Moneycontrol survey?

A slowdown to 6.5 percent from the previous quarter.

According to Nageswaran, what is indicative of a structural transformation in India's economy?

Better-than-expected performance boosting purchasing power.

Test your knowledge on India's GDP growth and potential growth rate estimates as discussed by Chief Economic Adviser V Anantha Nageswaran during the G20 meetings. Learn about the structural transformations and factors influencing India's economic growth.

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