Importance of Wildlife Preserves and Recycling in Ecosystems

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Which of the following is the main purpose of restoring a habitat?

To provide food and shelter for native animal and insect species

What is the current rate of biodiversity loss compared to the past 65 million years?

1,000 times faster than the past 65 million years

What is the IUCN's prediction for the number of species that will go extinct in the next half-century?

Over 1 million species

How can practicing sustainability help protect biodiversity?

By using resources more wisely so that Earth can maintain its riches

What is the role of wild areas in efforts to restore ecosystems?

Wild areas serve as a reference point for how the environment of a given area should function

What is the main benefit of buying organic products in terms of protecting biodiversity?

Organic products reduce habitat damage by eliminating harmful pesticides and fertilizers

What are Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs)?

Sites that contribute significantly to the global persistence of biodiversity

Which of the following is an example of a Biodiversity Indicator?

The number of endangered species in a particular region

What are the Aichi Biodiversity Targets?

A framework of 20 global targets for conserving biodiversity by 2020

What is the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species?

An inventory of the global conservation status of plant and animal species

Which of the following is an example of a conservation effort?

Establishing a protected area for endangered species

What is the primary goal of environmental protection laws?

To safeguard the environment and conserve biodiversity

According to the passage, which US president has designated the least amount of wilderness areas?

George W. Bush

What policy decision by the Bush administration is described as being against the environment?

All of the above

According to the passage, which US president added the most species to the endangered species list?

Bill Clinton

What is the significance of the 25 roadless rule that was eliminated by the Bush administration?

It prevented logging and road construction in 60 million acres of national forests.

Which of the following best describes the overall environmental record of the George W. Bush administration according to the passage?

Strongly focused on economic development at the expense of environmental protection.

What is the significance of the Kyoto protocol that the Bush administration decided not to ratify?

It established binding emissions reduction targets for developed countries to mitigate climate change.

Explore the significance of wildlife preserves in protecting plant and animal life, along with the positive impact of recycling in maintaining ecological balance. Learn how these practices contribute to sustainability and conservation efforts worldwide.

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