Importance of Physical Education in Schools

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What makes physical education unique among school curricular areas?

Focuses on developing lifelong physical activity skills

How is physical inactivity linked to health issues?

Is linked to overweight and obesity problems

What is a consequence of health-related issues due to physical inactivity?

Decreased quality of life

According to the CDC (2009), how much more do obese people spend on healthcare compared to those of normal weight?


Why is it critical for aspiring physical education teachers to understand the role and importance of physical education?

To shape teaching philosophy and career path

What has caused setbacks for physical education as a subject in the curriculum?

Misconceptions from teachers and administrators

What is the main difference between physical activity and physical education?

Physical activity consists of bodily movements while physical education is a process that aids in overall development

According to Bloom (1956), what are the three types of learning domains?

Psychomotor, cognitive, and affective

What are the common misconceptions people have about physical education according to the text?

Physical education is only about keeping kids busy and happy

Why is it important to include both physical activities and physical education in the lives of children?

To aid in the overall development of children's minds and bodies

What are the learning categories or domains identified by Bloom (1956)?

Psychomotor, cognitive, and affective

Why should physical education be properly defined and interpreted according to the text?

To ensure it receives its rightful emphasis in the educational program

Study Notes

The Role of Physical Education

  • Physical education plays a crucial role in the overall educational process by developing children and adolescents in a physically active environment.
  • It is the only curricular area in the school program that focuses on the development of lifelong physical activity skills.

Importance of Physical Education

  • Physical inactivity is clearly linked to overweight and obesity issues, which can lead to health-related problems, reduce quality of life, limit functional independence, and shorten life span.
  • The financial costs of obesity-related illnesses are high, with obese people spending 42% more on health care, resulting in a total of $147 billion more in health-care costs.

Understanding Physical Education

  • Physical education is not just about physical activity, but a learning process that employs physical activities to aid in the development of the whole person, mind and body.
  • Physical activity consists of bodily movements that aid in increasing energy expenditure and health-related fitness levels.

Domains of Learning

  • There are three types of learning: psychomotor, cognitive, and affective.
  • The affective domain has been divided into affective and social domains.
  • The psychomotor domain is distinct from the other two domains.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the names and contributions of early influential leaders in the profession.
  • Explain how initial systems and early events shaped current physical education programs.
  • Interpret the meaning of physical education.
  • Analyze fitness as the major goal of physical education.
  • Discuss the general objectives of physical education as a part of the educational system.
  • Chart the direction for physical education in its relevance to national development.
  • State the purpose of physical education in a developing country.
  • Identify the qualities that make a good teacher in physical education.

Learn about how physical education contributes to the overall educational process and helps in developing lifelong physical activity skills. Understand the importance of quality education and the impact of physical inactivity on health.

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