Importance of Coral Reefs for Ecosystems

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What is one of the economic benefits derived from mangrove ecosystems mentioned in the text?

Harvesting wood for fuel and construction

Which of the following is NOT listed as a benefit provided by sandy beach systems?

Source of medicinal herbs

How much litterfall can one hectare of mangrove trees produce annually, as stated in the text?

3.6 tons

Which ecosystem is highlighted as serving as meeting places for turtles?

Sandy beach systems

What is the annual fish and fishery product yield from one hectare of a healthy mangrove ecosystem as per Schatz (1991)?

1.08 tons

Which benefit is NOT associated with sandy beach systems according to the text?

Source of freshwater for wildlife

What is one of the ecological benefits provided by mangrove ecosystems as mentioned in the text?

Biodiversity conservation

Explore the benefits and significance of coral reefs as storehouses of biodiversity, valuable species, and protectors against coastal erosion and storm damage. Learn about how coral reefs play a crucial role in providing habitats for various marine life and contributing to coastal ecosystems.

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