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What was the primary meaning of art for centuries according to the text?

Art as mimesis

According to Immanuel Kant, how should art be judged?

Based on its formal qualities

What does the Latin word 'ars' mean?

Art, skill, or craft

Which philosopher first developed the idea of art as mimesis?


During which movement did expression become important in artworks?

Romantic Movement

What does 'mimesis' mean in the context of art?

Copying or imitation

What did art education bring according to the text?

Broader comprehension, development, and visions of art

'Ars' is related to which language according to the text?

'Ars' is related to Latin language

'Sublime' and 'dramatic' are associated with which aspect of art?

'Sublime' and 'dramatic' are related to emotional expression in art

'Audience response was important' relates to what aspect of artworks?

'Audience response was important' relates to emotional impact in artworks

Test your knowledge on the importance of art education in broadening comprehension, development, and visions of art. Explore the philosophy of art, diversity, historical perspectives, and connections between contemporary life and art.

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