Immunodeficiency Diseases and Agglutination Quiz

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Who proposed the cellular theory of immunity through phagocytosis?

Elie Metchnikoff

Which scientist is associated with the discovery of the first report of a live 'attenuated' vaccine for rabies?

Louis Pasteur

Who demonstrated cutaneous (delayed-type) hypersensitivity?

Charles Richet

What type of immunity results from natural exposure to an infectious agent or administration of a vaccine?

Active immunity

Which phase reactants increase rapidly as a result of infection, injury, or trauma to the tissues?

Acute-phase reactants

What type of rejection occurs days to weeks after transplantation as a result of cellular mechanisms and antibody formation?

Acute rejection

What is the substance that is administered with an immunogen to enhance and potentiate the immune response called?


Which process involves particulate antigens aggregating to form large complexes in the presence of a specific antibody?


What is the result of lack of agglutination in an agglutination inhibition test?

Positive test result

Which antibody is responsible for causing clumping or agglutination of cells?


What is the means of activating complement proteins without an antigen-antibody combination called?

Alternative pathway

What is the definition of immunogen?

A substance that is capable of inducing an immune response

Which term describes the condition of being resistant to infection?


What are immunoglobulins (Ig) and their role in the body?

Glycoproteins in the blood that are part of humoral immunity

What are Interferons (IFN) and their function in the immune system?

Cytokines produced to inhibit viral synthesis or act as immune regulators

Test your knowledge on immunodeficiency diseases characterized by decreased antibody levels in the blood, and the processes of agglutination and agglutination inhibition. Learn about positive test results and antigen-antibody reactions.

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