Chronic Inflammation Concepts

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What is a possible cause of chronic inflammation?

All of the above

Which of the following is NOT a disease with a chronic inflammatory component?


Why is visceral obesity considered a risk factor for various diseases such as diabetes and atherosclerosis?

Visceral obesity is associated with chronic inflammation, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome

What is the pathophysiologic link between chronic inflammation and insulin resistance?

Chronic inflammation exacerbates insulin resistance and vice versa, forming a vicious cycle

What distinguishes chronic inflammation from acute inflammation?

Chronic inflammation lasts weeks to years and involves tissue injury and repair

How does visceral obesity contribute to the development of chronic inflammatory diseases?

Visceral obesity is associated with chronic inflammation and metabolic syndrome, which are risk factors for various diseases

What role do classically-activated macrophages play in the general processes of inflammation and repair?

They are involved in promoting inflammation and clearing pathogens or damaged cells

What is the significance of distinguishing between classically-activated vs. alternatively activated macrophages in the general processes of inflammation and repair?

Distinguishing between these two types helps in understanding their distinct roles in promoting or resolving inflammation and tissue repair

What can excessive lipid buildup do to the adipocyte?

Cause insulin resistance

Which cells predominate in chronic inflammation?

Macrophages and lymphocytes

What replaces the parenchyma that dies during chronic inflammation?

Fibrotic tissue

Which diseases result from immune-mediated chronic inflammation?

Autoimmune and allergic diseases

What type of diseases are typically Th2-mediated?

Allergic diseases

How are autoimmune diseases mostly mediated?

By the adaptive immune system

What does prolonged exposure to toxins cause?

Chronic inflammation

What is the main function of pro-inflammatory macrophages in chronic inflammation?

Destruction of bacteria and removal of cellular debris

Which type of macrophages are induced by microbial products and cytokines, and are involved in increasing inflammation?

Classically-activated macrophages

What is the predominant cell type in inflamed tissue after 48 hours to 1 week of inflammation?


Which cells are part of the reticuloendothelial system and are involved in chronic inflammation?

All of the above

What contributes to the activation of lymphocytes and stimulates cell division, deposition of connective tissue, and angiogenesis in chronic inflammation?

Secretion of growth factors

Which type of macrophages are induced by other cytokines and play a role in tissue repair and resolution of inflammation?

Alternatively-activated macrophages

Which factors are by secreted by pro-inflammatory macrophages?

All of the above

What role do alternatively-activated macrophages play in chronic inflammation?


Which type of macrophages are induced by IFN-gamma?

Classically-activated macrophages

What do pro-inflammatory macrophages secrete to mediate the inflammatory process?

Leukotrienes and prostaglandins

Which cell type helps in efficient and proficient phagocytosis in chronic inflammation?


What type of diseases are Th-17 mediated?

Autoimmune diseases

Which of the following signals promotes the differentiation of tissue macrophages to Alternatively activated macrophages?


Which of the following processes can lead to fibrosis?

All of the above

Angiogenesis is first triggered by vasodilation


Tertiary lymphoid organs are prominent sources of inflammation in autoimmune conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis


Which of the following is the first step in the healing process?


When during the healing process is type 3 collagen laid down?


Type 3 collagen is converted to the stronger Type 1 collagen during the _________ phase of the healing process


Which of the following are considered granuloma causing diseases?

All of the above

The pathological hallmark of tuberculosis is the caseating _________


A granuloma consists of the aggregation of ___________ that are transformed into epithelium-like cells


Test your knowledge about the concepts of chronic inflammation in the immune system with this quiz. Explore the pathophysiologic processes, histologic characteristics, and the link between chronic inflammation and insulin resistance. Identify the categories of conditions associated with chronic inflammation and understand the involvement of classically-activated versus alternatively-activated macrophages.

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