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  • The book of Apologus explains the seven most compelling arguments for God’s existence.
  • There’s an “About the Author” section after the last chapter of Revelation.
  • There are character bios after the Table of Contents.
  • God adopts and reveals names and titles for Himself throughout the Bible.
  • Which of the following explanations of praying in Jesus’s name is FALSE?
  • We should pray consistent with the character of Christ.
  • We should pray according to the will of Christ.
  • We should seek to pray as Jesus would pray through us.
  • If we end our prayers with the magic words “in Jesus’s name,” God is obligated to give us whatever we have requested.

Test your knowledge of Christian theology and biblical interpretation with questions about God's existence, prayer in Jesus's name, and biblical content such as the book of Apologus, Revelation, and character bios.

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