IDS Search Algorithm

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What is the time complexity of the Bidirectional Search algorithm?


Which of the following is a characteristic of the IDS algorithm?

It does not generate nodes at depth d+1

What is the space complexity of the IDS algorithm?


How does the number of nodes generated by IDS compare to BFS for b=10 and d=5?

IDS generates fewer nodes than BFS

What is the main advantage of IDS over BFS?

IDS is faster than BFS

What is the optimality of the IDS algorithm?

YES, if path cost is a non-decreasing function of the depth of the node

What is the time complexity of the number of nodes in memory?


What is the optimal strategy for searching?

Uniform Cost Search

Why may DFS not always give an optimal solution?

Because it expands the deepest node first

What is the characteristic of Uniform Cost Search?

It only cares about the total cost

What is the condition for Uniform Cost Search to be complete and optimal?

If the cost of each step exceeds some positive bound ε

How does Uniform Cost Search queue nodes?

By the total cost from the root

What is the main advantage of Iterative Deepening Search over Breadth-First Search?

Less memory usage

What is the time complexity of Iterative Deepening Search?

Costly due to repeated generation of states

How does Iterative Deepening Search achieve its efficiency?

By redoing some computations again and again

What is the completeness of Iterative Deepening Search?

YES (no infinite paths)

How does the number of nodes generated in Iterative Deepening Search change with depth?

According to the formula: d.b + (d-1).b2 + (d-2).b3 + ………………..+1

What is the main difference between Iterative Deepening Search and Breadth-First Search?

Node generation strategy

Understand the time and space complexity of Iterative Deepening Search (IDS) algorithm and its optimality. Compare IDS with Breadth-First Search (BFS) algorithm.

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