ICT in Philippine History: People Power Revolution

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What is a common characteristic of the Philippines in recent history?

Unity for a call to action or social change

What was the outcome of the radio broadcast by Cardinal Sin during the People Power Revolution?

It helped change the course of history

What was the trigger for the 2001 EDSA Revolution?

The walkout of 11 prosecutors from the impeachment trial

What was the role of text brigades in EDSA Dos?

It helped grow the crowd in EDSA over a few days

Where did the Million People March mainly take place?

Luneta Park

What was the reason for the Million People March?

To condemn the misuse of the PDAF

When did the People Power Revolution take place?

From 1983 to 1986

What was the outcome of the EDSA Dos?

It resulted in the resignation of President Joseph Estrada

What was the role of ICT in the recent history of the Philippines?

It facilitated social change

What was the approximate number of Filipinos involved in the 1986 EDSA protest?

Around 2 million

Explore the significant role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Philippine history, particularly in the People Power Revolution that led to the end of Ferdinand Marcos' regime. This quiz delves into the impact of ICT on social change movements in the Philippines. Test your knowledge now!

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