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What was the most popular kind of paper made according to the text?

Paper made from rags

When was the first 1-9 numbering system created?

100 A.D.

What was the very first sign of an information processor according to the text?

The abacus

When was the number 0 invented?

875 A.D.

What was the time period of the mechanical age according to the text?


Who invented the Pascaline, a popular mechanical computer?

Blaise Pascal

What was the purpose of Charles Babbage's difference engine?

To tabulate polynomial equations using the method of finite differences

Which of the following statements about the machines invented during the era discussed in the text is true?

They were considered huge and impressive despite their limited functionality

Which of the following inventions is associated with the electromechanical age (1840-1940)?

The telegraph

Who invented the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell

What was the significance of the inventions mentioned in the text during the electromechanical age?

They led to advancements in the field of information technology

Who invented the radio?

Guglielmo Marconi

What is one of the key roles that computers play in marketing?

Generating social media campaigns

Who was one of the first groups to adopt computers as a work tool?


In which industry are computers used to design various types of publications?


What can computers be used for in the arts and entertainment industry?

Creating drawings and paintings

How do computers enable direct communication with customers in marketing?

Via email and online chat

What role do computers play in science besides research and data analysis?

Launching and controlling spacecraft

What does ICT stand for?

Information and Communication Technology

What is the main purpose of ICT according to the text?

To enable modern computing and interaction in the digital world

How does the text say ICT has changed communication compared to the past?

It has made communication easier and faster

What are some of the ways ICT allows students to learn?

All of the above

What is the main advantage of ICT in communication mentioned in the text?

It is cheaper

What is the primary purpose of using ICT tools in schools?

To develop higher-order thinking skills in students

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a way that ICT has become integral to the teaching-learning interaction?

Providing students with more opportunities to express their understandings creatively

What is the primary benefit of social media mentioned in the text?

Allowing young people to maintain social connections and support networks

Which of the following is not mentioned as a way that social media and the internet have changed the world?

How we teach and learn in schools

What is the primary way that social media and the internet can help bolster and develop young people's self-confidence and social skills?

By the communities and social interactions young people form online

Test your knowledge about the history of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), including its infrastructure, components, and evolution. Explore the definition and scope of ICT in the modern computing era.

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