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What is the primary function of the Central Processing Unit (CPU)?

To execute instructions and perform calculations

What is the term for a program that is designed to damage or exploit a computer system?


Which of the following is a type of computer peripheral device?


What is the purpose of the ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) in a computer?

To perform arithmetic and logical operations

What is the term for a software application that is used to create and edit documents?

Word Processor

Which computer component is responsible for temporarily holding data and program instructions?

Memory (RAM)

What is the term for a set of instructions that a computer can execute directly?

Machine Language

Which type of computer is designed for a single user and is often used for tasks such as browsing the internet and creating documents?

Personal Computer (PC)

What is the purpose of a firewall in a computer system?

To block unauthorized access to the system

What is the term for a type of software that is used to manage and organize files on a computer?

Operating System

Study Notes

ICT general knowledge questions about Computer parts, hardware, types of computers, peripheral devices, software, MS word application, computer malware and viruses, computer safety

Test your knowledge of computer hardware, software, and safety measures. This quiz covers various topics including computer parts, types of computers, peripheral devices, MS Word application, and computer malware and viruses.

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