Ibong Adarna: A Filipino Folklore

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What is the Ibong Adarna known for in the Filipino folktale?

Its feathers that can cure any illness

Why did Dulaangan capture the Ibong Adarna in the story?

Out of envy for its beauty and power

What happened to the Ibong Adarna's feathers after being captured by Dulaangan?

They turned black and lost their healing powers

Who did Dulaangan seek advice from when he felt remorseful for capturing the Ibong Adarna?

The town's wise man, Paciano de San Pedro

What was Dulaangan instructed to do in order to restore the Ibong Adarna's original state?

Pray to Saint Bartholomew and perform acts of penance

What lesson can be learned from the story of Dulaangan and the Ibong Adarna?

Envy leads to destruction

Ano ang sinasabi tungkol sa Ibong Adarna sa mitolohiyang Pilipino?

Ito ay isang ibon na may mga pakpak na may magkakaibang kulay.

Sino ang unang sumulat ng Ibong Adarna noong ika-16 siglo?

Andres de Salazar

Ano ang kapangyarihan ng Ibong Adarna sa alamat nito?

Nakakapagpagaling ito ng kahit anong sakit.

Paano maaring mahuli ang Ibong Adarna ayon sa alamat?

Isang indibidwal na may mabuting puso at walang masamang balak lamang ang maaaring humuli nito.

Ano ang ginamit sa panahon ng kasal o pag-iisang dibdib para palaganapin ang alamat ng Ibong Adarna?

Awit ng Pasyon

Ano ang naging popular na paksa ng Awit ng Pasyon kaugnay sa Ibong Adarna?

Romantikong pag-ibig nina Juan Tamad at Maria Clara

Study Notes

Ibong Adarna

The legend of the Ibong Adarna is one of the most well-known Filipino folktales, with its roots deeply embedded in Philippine culture and history. This story tells of a magical bird whose feathers can cure any illness, making it a symbol of hope and healing in the country's mythology. The tale has been passed down through generations, inspiring various adaptations across different art forms, including literature, music, theater, and film.


The story begins with a poor farmer named Dulaangan who lived with his family on a small piece of land they owned along the bank of the river. One day, as he was working in the fields, he heard the sound of a beautiful bird singing. He followed the melody, which led him to a forest of mango trees where he saw the Ibong Adarna, a golden bird, singing on a branch.

Consequences of Envy

Dulaangan became envious of the bird's beauty and power and decided to capture it. He built a cage and filled it with rice grains to lure the bird. Eventually, the Ibong Adarna flew into the trap, and Dulaangan captured it. His captivity angered the bird, and its feathers turned black, losing their healing powers.


Feeling remorseful, Dulaangan sought the advice of the town's wise man, Paciano de San Pedro, who told him that he needed to pray to Saint Bartholomew and perform acts of penance to restore the Ibong Adarna's original state. So, Dulaangan did as instructed, and eventually, his prayers were answered. The Ibong Adarna regained its original white feathers and returned to its magical state, restoring the hope and healing it brought to the townspeople.

Cultural Significance

Today, the legend of the Ibong Adarna continues to inspire Filipinos, serving as a reminder of the importance of humility, compassion, and redemption. The story is used to teach children moral values and serves as a source of national pride, preserving the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines.

Explore the legendary tale of the Ibong Adarna, a magical bird with healing powers in Filipino folklore. Learn about the consequences of envy, the journey of redemption, and the cultural significance of this well-known story in Philippine culture.

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