Ibn Khaldun's Life and Works

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Where was Ibn Khaldun born and raised?


In which year was Ibn Khaldun born?


Which branch of philosophy did Ibn Khaldun consider himself to be the founder of?

Philosophy of History and Sociology

What is the title of Ibn Khaldun's famous book?

Lessons in Subject and Predicate

What did Ibn Khaldun consider to be a new philosophical branch that did not occur to Aristotle?


Study Notes

Ibn Khaldun's Life

  • Ibn Khaldun was born in Tunis, North Africa, and raised there.

Ibn Khaldun's Birth and Work

  • Ibn Khaldun was born in 1332.
  • He considered himself the founder of the sciences of human society and culture, a new branch of philosophy that did not occur to Aristotle.

Famous Work

  • The title of Ibn Khaldun's famous book is "The Muqaddimah" (An Introduction to History).

Test your knowledge about the life and achievements of Ibn Khaldun, an influential Arab historian and philosopher. Explore his background, travels, and notable literary contributions.

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