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Which type of security combines features of both debt and equity?

Preferred Stock

What characteristic of preferred stock allows preferred stockholders to receive dividends before common stockholders?

Priority Dividends

In the event of company liquidation, who has priority in receiving their investment back?

Preferred Stockholders

What feature allows some preferred stock to be converted into shares of common stock upon certain conditions?

Convertible Features

Which type of preferred stock allows accumulated dividends to be omitted without future obligation to pay them?

Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock

Which type of financing offers a blend of debt and equity characteristics, providing companies with greater flexibility in raising capital?

Hybrid Financing

What is the purpose of assessing the company's dividend coverage ratio?

To determine the company's ability to pay preferred dividends

What is the primary benefit of leasing in terms of cash?

Avoiding upfront capital expenditures

In what type of lease does the lessee assume most of the ownership risks and responsibilities?

Capital lease

What is the key consideration when investing in convertible preferred stock?

Potential for equity participation

What type of leasing allows businesses to acquire assets without long-term commitments?

Operating lease

What is a potential risk associated with callable preferred stock?

Reduction in investment value

What is a tax advantage of leasing?

Tax-deductible lease payments

What should be carefully evaluated when considering leasing?

Lease type and terms

In what type of lease does the lessor retain ownership of the asset?

Operating lease

What does cumulative dividends provide protection against?

Missed dividends

Test your knowledge about hybrid financing options such as preferred stock, leasing, warrants, and convertibles, which offer a blend of debt and equity characteristics. Learn about the key features and advantages for investors of preferred stock, a type of equity security that combines features of both debt and equity.

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