Human Thorax Anatomy and Embryology Quiz

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How many pleural cavities are present in the thorax?


What is the main function of the thorax?


What structures does the thoracic wall consist of?

Skeletal elements and muscles

How many thoracic vertebrae are there posteriorly?


What is the superior thoracic aperture formed by?

T1, medial margin of rib I, manubrium of the sternum

What forms the inferior thoracic aperture?

Body of T12, rib XII, xiphoid process

Which of the following is part of the thoracic wall's skeletal framework?


How many sites for articulations with ribs are there in the thoracic wall?


What is the main function of the thorax in relation to the heart and lungs?

To protect

What is the function of the thorax as a conduit?

For passing air

What is the main role of the thorax in biomechanics?

To facilitate respiration

What is the superior margin of the manubrium in the same horizontal plane as?

The intervertebral disc between TII and TIII

Which muscle is the most powerful and important during inspiration?


Which ribs articulate directly with the sternum?

True ribs

Which ribs lack an anterior connection with other ribs or with the sternum?

Ribs XI and XII

Which muscle depresses the ribs?

Transversus thoracis muscles

Which joint is not synovial but a fibrocartilaginous joint?

Sternocostal joints

Which muscle participates in the decrease of thoracic dimension during exhalation?

Internal intercostals

Which thoracic vertebrae lacks inferior costal facets and articulates only with its own ribs?


Which muscle is found in each intercostal space and is responsible for expiration?

Internal intercostals

Which muscle is innervated by the phrenic nerve and is attached peripherally to the xiphoid process?


Which joints provide anchorage to the sternum and contribute to the formation of an inferior costal margin?

Interchondral joints

Which muscles elevate the ribs and reinforce the thoracic wall?

Transversus thoracis muscles

Which muscles increase the dimension of the thorax during inhalation?


Test your knowledge of human thorax anatomy and embryology with this quiz. Explore the skeletal framework, muscles, and biomechanics of the thoracic wall, as well as its functions in housing and protecting the heart, lungs, and vessels. Engage with key concepts related to the thorax and enhance your understanding of this vital part of the human body.

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