Human Physiology: Blood and Blood Groups

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What is the main function of blood?

Delivers nutrients and oxygen to body cells

What is the main component of plasma?


Where does the process of blood cell formation take place?

Red bone marrow

Which type of blood cell is the most abundant?

Erythrocytes (red blood cells)

What are the constituents of plasma proteins?

Albumins, globulins, fibrinogen, clotting factors

Study Notes

Blood Function and Composition

  • The main function of blood is to transport oxygen and nutrients to cells and remove waste products.
  • Plasma is the liquid component of blood, making up about 55% of its total volume.
  • The main component of plasma is water (about 92%), with the remaining 8% consisting of proteins, nutrients, hormones, gases, and waste products.

Blood Cell Formation

  • The process of blood cell formation, also known as hematopoiesis, takes place in the bone marrow.

Blood Cell Types

  • The most abundant type of blood cell is the red blood cell (also known as erythrocytes).

Plasma Proteins

  • Plasma proteins are a crucial component of plasma, making up about 7% of its total composition.
  • The constituents of plasma proteins include albumin, globulins, and fibrinogen.

Test your knowledge of human physiology with a focus on blood and blood groups. Learn about the composition of blood and its vital role in delivering nutrients and oxygen to body cells.

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