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What is the term used to describe the study of the interaction between insects and human society?

Cultural entomology

What is the effect of the widespread use of insecticides on insect pests?

Increase in resistance

Which academic discipline deals mostly with 'advanced' societies in the study of insects and society?

Cultural entomology

Which academic discipline deals mostly with 'primitive' societies in the study of insects and society?


In addition to cultural entomology and ethnoentomology, what academic discipline is rooted in anthropology and natural history?


What is the primary focus of cultural entomology and ethnoentomology?

Influence of insects on human populations

Which of the following is NOT a practical use of insects in human society?


Who developed ethnoentomology from the 19th century?

Henry Walter Bates

What did Frederick Simon Bodenheimer draw attention to in his book 'Insects as Human Food'?

The potential of entomophagy

Who described insect life and communicated their meaning to people 'with imagination and brilliance'?

Jean Henri Fabre

In what year did Erwin Schimitschek claim cultural entomology as a branch of insect studies?


According to Charles Hogue, which of the following is NOT a basic area of activity for humans?


What did Hans Zinsser's classic 'Rats, Lice and History' show about insects?

Their significance in human history

What is the most studied topic in ethnoentomology?


'Culture' consists of the social behaviour and norms found in human societies, and transmitted through ________.

Social learning

'Material culture' covers physical expressions such as technology, architecture, and ________.

'Insects as Human Food'

Test your knowledge about the various ways humans interact with insects, including practical uses for food and textiles, as well as symbolic representations in art and literature. Explore the positive and negative aspects of insect interactions in society.

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