Human Heart and Cardiovascular System

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Which chamber of the heart receives blood from the body?

Right atrium

Where is the pericardium located in relation to the heart?

Surrounds the heart

Which statement about the pulmonary circuit is correct?

Lets blood get oxygen

Which layer of the heart is also the outermost layer of the heart?


What separates the right atrium from the right ventricle?

Interatrial septum

Which vessel carries deoxygenated blood away from the heart?

Pulmonary artery

Which cardiac sound is indicative of failure of the left ventricle?


What is the normal stroke volume for a 150 lbs. individual?

70 ml

Which nerve releases acetylcholine to decrease heart rate?

Vagus nerve

What does the limbic system influence in relation to heart rate?


In cardiac physiology, what is the formula for cardiac output?

$CO = SV \times HR$

At peak performance, elite athletes might have how many times their normal cardiac output?

7-8 times

What is the function of the semilunar valves in the heart?

Prevent backflow from arteries back into ventricles

Where are the papillary muscles located in the heart?

In the ventricles contracting to prevent backflow

Which chamber of the heart is responsible for ejecting blood into the systemic circuit?

Left ventricle

What is the role of the SA node in the heart's electrical conduction system?

Establishes cardiac rhythm

Which element is NOT involved in causing the action potential (electrical current) in cardiac muscle cells?


What causes the P wave in an electrocardiogram (EKG)?

Depolarization of the atria

When do you hear the 'Dub' sound during auscultation of the heart?

At the start of diastole

What is the purpose of using an electrocardiogram (EKG) for diagnosing cardiac problems?

To monitor electrical activity of the heart

What event occurs during ventricular ejection stage of the cardiac cycle?

Blood is pushed into the aorta and pulmonary arteries

What is stroke volume referring to in relation to cardiac function?

Amount of blood that left the heart per beat

Test your knowledge on the human heart, its structure, function, and the circulatory system. Learn about the location of the heart, its size, and how it functions as a pump to circulate blood throughout the body.

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