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What is the term for the system of organs that includes the heart, blood vessels, and blood circulated throughout the body?

Circulatory system

Which division of the circulatory system is responsible for carrying blood to and from the lungs?

Pulmonary circulation

What type of circulatory system do vertebrates have?

Closed circulatory system

Which term is used interchangeably with the circulatory system?

Cardiovascular system

What is the role of the lymphatic system in the circulatory system?

Returning excess fluid back to blood circulation as lymph

Which medical professionals specialize in disorders of the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels?

Vascular surgeons

What are the components of blood?

White blood cells and red blood cells

How is the systemic circulation defined?

A circuit delivering oxygenated blood from the heart to the body

What are the components of blood, apart from plasma?

Red blood cells and platelets

What is the main function of the circulatory system?

Maintaining homeostasis by stabilizing temperature and pH

Test your knowledge about the human circulatory system, including the heart, blood vessels, and blood circulation. Explore the divisions of the circulatory system and understand its vital role in the body.

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