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What are the basic types of tissues in the human body?

Epithelial, connective, nervous, and muscle

Where is the intracellular fluid (ICF) located?

Inside the cell

What does the extracellular fluid (ECF) consist of?

Plasma, interstitial fluid, transcellular fluid

What are the main components of the ECF?

Sodium, chloride, bicarbonate ions

What percentage of body weight do total body fluids constitute?


What is the main function of the cell membrane?

Controls distribution of ions between intracellular and extracellular fluid

Which system works rapidly to maintain homeostasis?

Nervous system

What are the main components that disturb cell function?

Disturbances of homeostasis

How is body water balance regulated?

By adjusting water input and output

What are the main constituents of the intracellular fluid (ICF)?

Potassium and phosphate ions

Test your knowledge of the human body's systems, tissues, and body fluids with this quiz. Learn about the coordination of different systems, the composition of body fluids, and the functions of various tissues and cells.

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