Human Biology: Race, Racism, Gender, and Sex

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What is the primary basis for categorizing individuals into racial groups?

Physically inherited characteristics

What is the primary focus of heterosexism?

The denigration of non-heterosexual forms of behavior

What is the term for the social hierarchy based on skin tone?


What is the critical view that racial inequality is perpetuated by ignoring historical inequalities?

Colorblind Racism

What is the term for the biological and anatomical differences distinguishing males and females?


What is the term for social expectations about behavior regarded as appropriate for each sex?


What is the concept that describes how people judge each other's social status based on their appearance and behavior?

Presentation of Self

What is the term for the physical objects created by society that influence people's lives?

Material Culture

What is the term for the system of beliefs and values that reinforces the status quo of a society?


What is the term for the hierarchical organization of a society into groups with differing levels of power and status?

Social Stratification

What is the term for the regulating norms of behavior and social scripts attached to statuses or positions?


What is the concept that describes how African-Americans are forced to see themselves through the lens of a racist society?


Explore the concepts of race, racism, gender, and sex in the context of human biology. Learn about the physical and social characteristics that differentiate individuals and groups. Understand the social expectations and biological attributes associated with gender and sex.

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