How well do you know the Turkish presidential runoff election?
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How well do you know the Turkish presidential runoff election?

Think you're up to speed on the Turkish presidential runoff election? Test your knowledge with this quiz! From Erdogan's campaign strategy to Kilicdaroglu's opposition tactics, see how well you understand the ins and outs of this closely-watched election. Keywords: Turkish presidential election, Erdogan, Kilicdaroglu, campaign strategy, opposition tactics.

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Which candidate received 49.4% of the vote in the first round of the Turkish presidential election?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

What strategy will Erdogan use in the second round of the election?

Visit earthquake-hit areas

What did the Erdogan campaign accuse Kilicdaroglu supporters of?

Being insensitive towards earthquake victims

Study Notes

AKP officials confident of Erdogan's victory in Turkish presidential runoff

  • Turkish President Erdogan's aides believe he will easily win the presidential runoff election on May 28.
  • Erdogan received 49.4% of the vote in the first round, 0.6% short of an outright victory.
  • The opposition candidate, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, secured just 44.96%.
  • The Erdogan campaign had already prepared a strategy for the runoff and released an ad featuring a unifying song after the first round results.
  • Erdogan will focus on running a more positive and unifying campaign in the second round.
  • He will not hold rallies nationwide to avoid antagonizing Kilicdaroglu supporters and will visit earthquake-hit areas to solidify his image as a rebuilder and problem solver.
  • Erdogan has accused Kilicdaroglu supporters of being insensitive towards earthquake victims, which has led to some attacks on social media.
  • The opposition has been in an echo chamber and wasn't intimately familiar with the country's sociology, according to an AKP official.
  • Erdogan used Kilicdaroglu's alliance with the pro-Kurdish People's Democracy Party to associate him with the PKK Kurdish armed group.
  • The Erdogan campaign was taken aback when credible polling companies indicated an outright win by Kilicdaroglu before the first round.
  • Erdogan has ordered all campaign leaders and officials to return to their provinces and campaign as if he had not won the first round.
  • The AKP is focusing on mobilizing voters who may be planning to relocate for the summer and will ask Erdogan's supporters to stay put until the runoff is over.

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