How well do you know Strausak's remarkable journey in the watch industry?

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What was Strausak's original specialization when it was first established in 1923?

Producing equipment parts for the local watch industry

What was the reason for Strausak's diversification into instrument-making and fruit packaging?

Decrease in demand from the watch sector

What was the impact of the launch of several CNC machines on Strausak's business?

New levels of precision, versatility, and ease of use

"Test Your Knowledge on the History of Strausak: From Humble Beginnings to Innovators in the Watch Industry!" Take this quiz to discover the early days of Strausak, the Swiss engineering company that started as a small workshop in 1923 and later became a pioneer in creating innovative equipment for the watch industry. Learn about the founders, their vision, and how they managed to push the boundaries of technology. Keywords: Strausak, Swiss engineering, watch industry, innovation.

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