How Much Backstory Should You Write

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What is the writer's advice about including backstory in a story?

Avoid getting stuck in writing backstory forever and focus on the emotional core

How much of the hero's backstory should be shown in a book?

Only a small portion of it

What does the text emphasize as the writer's most powerful tool?

Reader's imagination

What are 'defining moments' in a hero's life, according to the text?

Scars or secret memories that influence how the hero interacts with the world

What is the purpose of asking questions about the hero's defining moments?

To explore emotional moments that define the hero's interactions

How does the text suggest creating an amazing backstory for a hero?

By showing just the tip of the iceberg and dropping hints about the character's past

What is a key reason for having a unique, engaging voice for your protagonist?

To ensure that the character's voice is easily distinguishable in dialogue

What does the author suggest to understand the defining moments of a hero?

Understanding their hopes and desperation

Why are character flaws important in creating a believable hero?

To create an empathetic and relatable hero

What does it mean for a hero to go through a personal journey?

To undergo a deep, internal change

What is suggested as an approach to understanding the character's voice?

Removing all dialogue tags and identifying the speaker based on word choice and sentence structure

Why is it important for heroes to recognize their flaws?

To provide them with opportunities for growth

What does the author suggest about character arcs of iconic heroes like Thor, James Bond, or Sherlock Holmes?

Their character arcs reset at the beginning of every story

What does the author suggest about understanding a handful of your hero’s defining moments?

It enables getting closer to the character and understanding what makes them tick

How can character voice be expressed according to the article?

Through language/dialect and word choice/sentence structure

What is suggested as a way to have a unique, engaging voice for your protagonist?

Sitting down quietly with your character for a conversation

Explore the importance of writing backstory for your story and how much of it to include in your writing. Learn about the balance between knowing enough to convey the emotional core and avoiding getting stuck in excessive worldbuilding.

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