Holiday Journey to South Africa

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What is the main reason for the family traveling to South Africa?

To escape the cold weather in Canada

Why does the narrator mention that they are watching cartoons on the plane?

To emphasize that the narrator is bored during the flight

What does Alice mean by 'in South Africa summer is in December'?

They have summer in December in South Africa

How does the narrator feel about going to the beach in December?


Why does the narrator find it okay to have picnics on the beach in winter?

Because in South Africa winter is warm and sunny

Jake is watching ______ on the plane


Alice is wearing ______ and a dress


Alice says 'in South Africa summer is in ______'


The family is going on their winter holiday in ______


The narrator likes having ______ on the beach in summer


The narrator doesn't like going to the beach in ______


Study Notes

Jake's Holiday

  • Jake lives in Canada, where it's snowing in December.
  • Jake's family is going on a winter holiday to South Africa.
  • Jake enjoys flying and watching cartoons on the plane.

Arrival in South Africa

  • Jake meets his big sister Alice at the airport in South Africa.
  • Alice is wearing sunglasses and a dress, while Jake wears a jumper.
  • Jake is surprised by the hot weather in South Africa.

Understanding Seasons

  • Jake learns that in South Africa, summer is in December, which is winter in Canada.
  • Alice explains that their winter is Jake's summer, and vice versa.

Beach Activities

  • Alice enjoys having picnics on the beach in the summer.
  • Jake is initially hesitant to go to the beach in December, but is happy to do so in South Africa's summer.

Join Jake on his exciting journey from snowy Canada to sunny South Africa. Experience flying on a plane, meeting family members, and enjoying the warm weather. Will Jake have a great holiday?

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