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What was the primary purpose of the American slave auction mentioned in the text?

To temporarily hire skilled slaves for industrial work

What effect did the Industrial Revolution have on the demand for raw materials?

Increased the demand for raw materials

During the World Wars I and II, what did countries impose for the first time?

Trade taxes and quantitative restrictions

What role did organisations like General Agreement for Tariffs and Trade play during the postwar period?

Helped in reducing tariff

What happened to regions producing primary goods in the later half of the nineteenth century?

Became less important as industrial nations became each other’s principle customers

What was a common outcome of the American slave auctions mentioned in the text?

Many family members never saw their loved ones again

What was the main reason for trade being restricted to local markets in ancient times?

The lack of advanced transportation methods

Which route is mentioned as an early example of long distance trade connecting Rome to China?

Silk Route

What new form of trade emerged along with the trade of exotic commodities during European colonialism?

Slave Trade

Which country abolished slave trade in 1792?


During which centuries was slave trade a lucrative business?

Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries

What led to the growth of European commerce during the twelfth and thirteenth century?

Development of ocean going warships

Test your knowledge of the history of international trade from ancient times to early trade routes like the Silk Route connecting Rome to China. Learn about the evolution of long-distance trade and the exchange of luxury items.

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