History of Chess: Origins and Evolution

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What was the earliest form of chess called?


Which piece in the earliest form of chess was the predecessor to the modern bishop?


In what region did chess spread from India and become known as chatrance?


What is the rule known as when the king is threatened in chess?


What rule did the Persians introduce to chess regarding the king's movement?

The king cannot be moved into or left in check

What was the original name of chess when it spread to Russia?


What was the bishop piece originally represented as in the Indian game?


Which high-profile woman influenced the development of the queen's move in chess?

Eleanor of Aquitaine

What change in European forms of chess gave the king the ability to shift with the rook in a move called castling?

Jumping on its first move

What played an important role in the spread of chess, especially through the publication of books analyzing and developing strategies?

The printing press

Test your knowledge about the origins and evolution of the ancient game of chess, including the early form of chaturanga and its significance in the game's history.

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