Historical Development of Science and Technology

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What has been a significant hindrance to rural industrialization in the Philippines?

Insufficient focus on spurring scientific and technological progress

In what ways have challenges in infrastructure development impacted scientific and technological advancement?

They have hindered the overall progress of science and technology

What is a key aim of the Philippines regarding technological advancements?

To boost its global ranking in scientific and technological advancements

How has science and technology impacted contemporary society?

By revolutionizing society through digital innovations

Why does the text suggest that rural industrialization remains a challenge in the Philippines?

Due to inadequate transportation systems

What has been a historical impact of colonial legacy on the current state of scientific and technological progress in the Philippines?

Maintenance of hindering systems created by colonial rulers

How does the text describe the influence of global competition on technological advancements in the Philippines?

It encourages significant advancements in scientific ranking

What is the primary focus when discussing contemporary society's deep influence by science and technology?

Cyberspace and digital gadgets for entertainment

"Despite more than 100 years of independence," suggests what about the Philippines?

Challenges remain in spurring rural industrialization

"Shaping a contemporary society" implies what about the role of science and technology?

Revolutionizing society through digital innovations

Explore the timeline of human progress through the ages, tracing the evolution of science and technology from ancient artifacts to Mesopotamian scientific records. Learn about early philosophers and scientific pioneers who laid the foundation for modern advancements.

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