Highway Pavement Aggregates

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What is the diameter range of gravels according to the classification?

4.75 to 75 mm

What is the primary purpose of the sand equivalent test?

To determine the amounts of clays in aggregates

What happens to clay when it comes into contact with water?

It expands significantly

What is the term for the process of aggregates breaking down during mixing and construction?


What is the purpose of the Los Angeles abrasion test?

To determine the aggregate toughness

What is the primary cause of abrasive wear in pavements?

Traffic and loading

What is the term for the absence of deleterious materials in aggregates?


Why do flat and elongated aggregate particles tend to fracture during compaction?

Because they orient themselves along the direction of compaction, inducing high stresses

What is the effect of high absorption of asphalt binder by an aggregate?

It reduces the amount of asphalt binder available for film formation

What is the purpose of measuring the aspect ratio of aggregate particles?

To measure the flatness and elongation of the particles

What property of aggregate particles ensures a high degree of internal friction?


What happens when an aggregate is highly absorptive?

It continues to absorb asphalt binder after initial mixing

What is the measurement method for coarse aggregate particles?

Counting the crushed faces on the aggregate particle

What is the purpose of specifying control points for the gradation in Superpave?

To ensure enough air voids for asphalt binder expansion

What is the main characteristic of Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA)?

Load transfer by particle-to-particle contact of coarse aggregates only

What is the minimum CBR value required for the subbase layer in freeways?


What is the maximum liquid limit allowed for the subgrade layer in freeways?


What is the requirement for fine aggregates passing sieve No 40 in the base layer?

Liquid limit and plasticity index should be less than 25% and 6%, respectively

What is the requirement for the percentage of aggregate with one crushed face in the asphalt layer?

At least 50%

What is the purpose of specifying a restricted zone in the gradation?

To prevent dense particle-to-particle contacts with a lubricating effect

What is the minimum compaction degree required for the subgrade layer in freeways?


What is the type of asphalt mixture used for high permeability and noise reduction?

Open graded

This quiz covers the types of aggregates used in pavement structures, including boulders, cobbles, gravels, sands, silts, and clays. Learn about the different sizes and classifications of aggregates and their uses in highway pavement construction.

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