Hematocrit Test and Clinical Significance

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What is the specific gravity of red blood cells (rbcs) according to the provided text?


What is the principal use of microhematocrite centrifuge mentioned in the text?

Measurement of red blood cell volume

Which condition is associated with an increase in packed cell volume (PCV), as mentioned in the text?


What is the primary function of plasma proteins in relation to rbcs?

Neutralizing charges on the surface of rbcs

What is the mechanism of action of heparin, the anticoagulant used in the experiment described in the text?

Inactivation of antithrombin III

Under which conditions does the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (esr) increase physiologically?

After exercise and following meals

What is the clinical significance of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (esr) as a diagnostic tool?

It can identify the presence of a disease

What is the reversible arrangement of rbcs called due to the neutralization of their negative charges by plasma proteins?


Which anti-coagulant is used in the experiment mentioned in the text, and how does it work?

Na+ citrate, by neutralizing Ca+2 ions

Test your knowledge on hematocrit, a measure of the ratio of red blood cells volume to the total blood volume, and its clinical significance. Learn about the specific gravity of blood components and the apparatus used in the test.

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