Heat Transfer and Temperature Measurement Quiz

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What causes the particles in the bigger balloon to have longer arrows in the model?

Gain in energy

In what direction do gaseous atoms/molecules travel until they collide with each other or an object?

In straight lines

Which activity demonstrates the principle of evaporation?

Drop of water on a desk

What happens to the volume of the balloon when its particles gain energy?

Volume increases

How do gaseous particles travel if the gas is an odor and we are able to detect it?

Particles travel in all directions

What happens to a substance when energy is transferred to it?

It gains energy

How does cooling a substance affect the speed of its atoms/molecules?

They move slower

What does a higher temperature indicate about the speed of atoms/molecules?

They are faster

How do atoms/molecules behave when a substance is warmed?

They spread further apart

What happens to the volume of a substance when it is cooled?

It decreases

Test your knowledge of heat transfer and temperature measurement in this quiz. Learn about how energy is transferred to and from a substance, resulting in changes in the speed of atoms or molecules which are detected as temperature changes.

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