Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) Sub-Systems Quiz

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What is the primary function of a hospital information system (HIS)?

Storing and managing patient-related information

Which of the following is NOT included in the clinical functions provided by a hospital information system?

Standard formats for medical records

What type of standards are used in hospital information systems (HIS)?

Standards for data exchange and medical vocabulary

Which function does a hospital information system (HIS) NOT provide information for?

Inventory control functions

What is a key aspect of the operational and control functions mentioned in the text?

Facilities utilization

Which sub-system is specifically related to bed occupancy and status?

Inpatient Management

What are some requisites for a good Health Information System (HIS)?

Selection and training of qualified staff

Which sub-system is related to both inpatient and outpatient payments?


Which aspect is mentioned as a limitation of Health Information Systems?

Upgradation of software

What does the text identify as a common problem regarding Health Information Systems?

Lack of comprehensive information

What are the main components of the inventory control sub-system in the HIS?

Bed Occupation Details, Bed Status, IP Census, Transfer Out Slip

What is the primary purpose of the inventory control sub-system in the HIS?

Monitoring and managing bed occupancy and availability

What are some qualities that a good inventory control system in the HIS should possess?

Accurate, Reliable, Relevant, Timely

Which sub-system of the HIS would be responsible for managing pharmacy bills related to inpatient medication?

Inpatient Management - SUB-SYSTEMS

What are the potential limitations of implementing an effective inventory control sub-system in the HIS?

Initial and recurring cost, need for trained staff and proper maintenance

What requisites are necessary for a good inventory control system in the HIS?

Acquisition of appropriate hardware and software, selection and training of qualified staff

Test your knowledge of Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) sub-systems including clinical functions, operational and control functions, patient related information, strategic planning, and patient care. Explore topics related to reservation, admission, discharge, outpatient registration, billing, personnel scheduling, patient care, and more.

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