Hardwoods vs Softwoods

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Which type of wood is resistant to water damage and rot?


Which type of wood is suitable for making tool handles?


Which type of wood is suitable for making staircases?


Which type of trees are known as coniferous trees?

Evergreen trees

What is the main difference between hardwoods and softwoods?

Hardwoods have broad leaves while softwoods have needle leaves

Why are hardwoods often used for expensive products like furniture and flooring?

Because they have tight growth rings and are hard

What is the purpose of seasoning timber?

To remove water and moisture from the wood

Which hardwood is pale creamy in color, tough, and absorbs shock very well?


Which hardwood is very dark reddy brown in color, durable, and becoming even rarer and more expensive?


Which softwood is white to pale yellow, lightweight, and relatively expensive?


Which special case hardwood is pale creamy in color, low density, lightweight, and very soft?


Test your knowledge on hardwoods and softwoods! Learn about their properties, uses, and the differences between them. Explore the world of trees and discover the beauty of England's woodlands.

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