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Which of the following is a recommended step in keeping hand tools in good condition?

Oil the metal parts of a tool after using it

What should you do if you get injured while working?

Report it immediately to your teacher

Why should you avoid putting small metal articles near the m?

The metal articles may cause accidents

What is the purpose of inspecting hand tools before using them?

To check if they are in good working condition

What should you do after using a hand tool?

Put it back in the tool box or cabinet

Why is it important to oil the metal parts of a tool?

To prevent damage caused by air, water, or rust

Which of the following is NOT a recommended safety measure when working with hand tools?

Using dull or damaged tools

What should you do when carrying heavy tools to avoid accidents?

Ask a classmate for help

What should you do if you notice a tool has a loose handle or is ragged?

Report it to the teacher and do necessary repairs and adjustments

Study Notes

Hand Tool Maintenance and Safety

  • To keep hand tools in good condition, it is recommended to clean and store them properly after use.
  • If you get injured while working, you should stop work and seek medical attention immediately.
  • You should avoid putting small metal articles near magnets, as they can be attracted to the magnet and cause accidents or injuries.
  • Inspecting hand tools before using them is crucial to ensure they are in good condition and safe to use.
  • After using a hand tool, you should clean and store it properly to prevent damage and maintain its effectiveness.
  • Oiling the metal parts of a tool is important to prevent rust and corrosion, which can reduce the tool's lifespan and affect its performance.
  • Not wearing gloves while working with hand tools is NOT a recommended safety measure, as it can increase the risk of injury.
  • When carrying heavy tools, you should use proper lifting techniques and consider enlisting help to avoid accidents and injuries.
  • If you notice a tool has a loose handle or is ragged, you should repair or replace it immediately to prevent accidents and ensure safe use.

Test your knowledge on how to properly care for and maintain hand tools with this quiz! Learn about the importance of inspecting tools before use, cleaning and storing them properly, and more. Keywords: hand tools, maintenance, care, inspection, cleaning, storage.

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